U.S. and Japan to Cooperate on Cybersecurity, Information Sharing

The United States and Japan have agreed to cooperate more closely on cybersecurity and information sharing initiatives as a way to help both countries defend against future threats and attacks. The new initiative will include a variety of components, most notably cooperation during serious incidents, cooperation between the two countries’ cybersecurity and defense units, and […]

Exploit for Recently Patched Flash Flaw Added to Magnitude, Neutrino, Nuclear Pack

Just days after the developers of the Angler exploit kit started leveraging a recently patched Flash Player vulnerability to distribute malware, an exploit for the same security bug was also added to the Magnitude, Neutrino and Nuclear Pack exploit kits.
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Slew of Vulnerabilities Found in D-Link Storage Devices

Researchers have identified dozens of vulnerabilities in several D-Link products, some of which allow attackers to bypass authentication requirements or upload arbitrary files to target devices. The vulnerabilities lie in a variety of D-Link network storage devices and the company has produced updated firmware to address some of the problems. Researchers at Search-Lab discovered the […]