Mozilla to Introduce New Certificate Revocation Feature in Firefox 37

Mozilla wants to improve the process of revoking intermediate certificates and it plans on doing so with a new feature that will be introduced in Firefox 37.
The new mechanism is called OneCRL and it relies on a centralized list of revoked certificates that is pushed to the Web browser.
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Mandarin Oriental Confirms Data Breach at U.S., European Hotels

The Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel chain is investigating a data breach that affects credit cards used in an “isolated number” of its hotels in the United States and Europe. Company officials said that the attack involved “undetectable” malware on some of its systems and emphasized that only credit card data, and no other personal information, […]

CSI: Cyber: We Watched So You Didn’t Have To

From the time the first commercials aired during the American pro football championship game last month, CSI: Cyber has been one of the more talked-about and least-anticipated shows in recent memory. At least in tech circles. For normal viewers, it’s one of those shows that you wake up in the middle of at 10:27 after […]